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Four Important Considerations when Buying Kratom Locally

Even though Kratom has been gaining popularity in the United States and many more countries around the world, it is only grown in Southeast Asia. Since Kratom is considered as alternative medicine, it is not sold in the drug stores.

These facts make it difficult to find the right places to buy Kratom locally especially when looking for quality. You will definitely need the help of google search when you decide to buy Kratom locally especially since you need to consider the many varieties available, the potencies and strengths you want, and the specific use. For the detailed information about kratom visit

Well, below are important tips to help you find the best places to but Kratom locally.

Identify the Specific Use of the Kratom You Want to Purchase

The first step before you even consider exactly where to buy Kratom is to identify what you want to use it for. There are several reasons for using Kratom including medical purposes, recreational use, and just helping with day to day activities. The different strains of Kratom will help specific needs, for example, there are strains that are more medicinal while others are great for boosting energy. Some strains equally have negative side effects. It is clearly important to identify the specific use of Kratom before you beginning purchasing it locally. For reference Visit: kratom near me

Learn and Decide Which Kratom Strain is Best for You

Do extensive research on the different Kratom strains and know the difference between each and every one of them. There are basically three strains; White Vein Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, and Green Vein Kratom. All the above strains have different uses and effects on the human body and you need to understand all of them. After conducting your research, you can now decide which strain best suits your needs and start shopping for it locally.

Decide the Kratom Product Type that best suits you and Check Lab Testing

Kratom is available in local stores in form of dry leaves, capsule, powder, and raw leaves. With these in mind, you can decide the product that best suits you and search for it in local stores. Most local stores sell the leaves and powder forms. Only top-sellers will have all the different Kratom products. When buying the Kratom product, ensure you check proof and report of lab testing to ensure you don’t overdose or develop health issues.

Identify the Source of the Kratom

Ask the local stores and vendors where they get the Kratom from to ensure you buy quality products. It is also a great idea to look at reviews from other clients about the shops before buying their products. If you know a friend or relative that uses Kratom, then ask them where they get it from.


The above tips will help you get quality products of Kratom from your local vendors. You should however always carry out extensive research before you buy Kratom locally to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

What is the best Kratom to buy and from who?

What is the best Kratom to buy? That is the question that most people ask who wants to start using Kratom. It is good to keep in mind that the effects of Kratom vary depending on their strains. It depends on the body’s response to the person, as well as the user’s Kratom amount. There are several kratom vendors, but as we tested around a dozen different kratom vendors, we found purkratom the best vendor. has honest and detailed kratom reviews written to help their readers.

Different effects for different users

Each user of Kratom has the desired effect, but most of the time, inexperienced users of Kratom will find it difficult to distinguish between the desired levels. As you know, Kratom can provide several effects, such as relaxation effect, the analgesic effect of pain, stimulating effect, or even improve mental performance.

Help the experts to focus mentally

Kratom is popular to help experts concentrate mentally. Many people reported the absence of tropical effects for Kratom, but all this depends on the Kratom dynasty. The most common result of Kratom is the catalytic effect.

Provide a catalytic effect

Many people use Kratom to induce a catalytic effect. That is the main reason behind his belief that Kratom is a form of the recreational drug but in a legal way. If you want to use Kratom as an alternative to illegal drugs, you may end up frustrated. In case you are searching for something to improve the mood, this product is suitable for you whenever you choose the right breeds.

Some critical information to keep in mind

There are some things you should consider when using a hose. The first would be a Kratom strain. Each strain has its unique characteristics. That’s why you need to make sure you find a good seller. The following tips can help you.

Avoid those illegal sellers

Selection of vendors specialized in legal herbs. There are a lot of essential products from Kratom that has shown that they only provide the best strains of Kratom extracts. Do not deal with sellers who sell Kratom in small quantities or small capsules. If the quality is questionable, do not treat it. However, it is strongly recommended that you start with less stress to see if you want it or not. The main thing is to look for sellers that offer original products.

Look for dedicated salespeople

Do not deal with suppliers that offer a wide range of Kratom products. What can this mean? That may happen to be a sign that your stock is unlikely to be new. Some of these products are a mix, so mix them, especially if you are familiar with a specific Kratom product line.


You must contact the seller regularly. Sometimes, the website does not contain as much information as you want to know. Most Kratom sellers buy their products abroad. More or less, you have no idea of the quality of the product and its durability.

Reasons why you should buy Kratom online

Although most people are shopping online nowadays, a lot of people are still wondering why one should buy Kratom online. The convenience of having Kratom delivered to your doorstep is unmatchable. And that is not all; there are other benefits associated with purchasing Kratom online. They include the following:

  1. Great offers

Since there are so many dealers who are selling Kratom online, you will benefit from great offers and discounts just to remain loyal to a certain online store. However, you need to be very cautious because dealers who offer very low prices or numerous offers/discounts might be selling a substandard product. All you have to do is research more about the online store, read reviews about the store and start purchasing small amounts of Maeng da Kratom to determine whether they are reliable. Once you’ve established trust, you can go ahead and buy in bulk or when they have an offer. It is advisable to look for more than one online store because they might be having great offers at different times.

  1. Competitive prices

Even though there are shipping costs, online store prices are quite competitive. Normally, you will pay a less amount of money shopping online than when you do it from a retail store. The main reason behind this is the number of online stores selling Kratom. As a result, you will save some money buying Kratom online. In addition, you will not have to worry about hiked prices when shopping online because they are relatively stable. There are numerous online stores which determine a fair price unlike when you buy from your local store.

  1. Convenience

When you shop online, you don’t have to leave your home to make the purchase. In fact, you can do everything on your couch and you don’t have to interrupt your schedule when working at home. For those who live far from towns, shopping online is convenient because you won’t have to drive to and from the retail store whenever you need Kratom.

  1. You can buy in bulk if you want to

Kratom is an over the counter product and most retail stores may not have it in bulk. In contrary, online stores have the product in bulk and you can buy if you want to. In fact, buying in bulk is recommended because you will not only get a discount but also save on shipping costs.

  1. There is a wide variety of Kratom to choose from

Your local store may have the variety that is demand from your area and not the variety you really need. However, when you shop online, you can purchase the variety you are looking for and have it delivered to your home.

  1. Guaranteed quality

Genuine online stores sell high-quality Kratom. Besides, since they rely on good feedback from the customer, they will always make sure you get the best Kratom available. Finally, a genuine online store will sell you quality Kratom so that you shop again with them in the future. Therefore, when you buy from a good online store, you are guaranteed quality.

Maeng Da Kratom: Crushed Leaf VS Powder

Maeng Da Kratom

This is definitely the strain (or one of the kratom strains (green malay, white vein, red vein)) with has the greatest stimulating effect. It has a strong stimulating and mood enhancing (which brings euphoria) effect, with a mild sedating effect and a strong analgesic (pain relief) effect. Add to that, many users’ state that this particular strain acts like an aphrodisiac! This particular strain can be seen as a very strong analog of Thai.

This strain is one of the most popular and gets more and more popular every day. The popularity of this strain made users raise two very important questions:

  • What is best among Maeng Da crushed leaf and Maeng Da powder?
  • What is the difference between these two forms?

Which is best of crushed leaf and powder? The main question

Some of you would think that it would be wiser to firstly compare these two forms and then announce the winner. But there is no need to do that, as you will understand in the process that there really is no better and no worst for considering leaf and powder. The choice is always up to you; they have both some pros and cons and it’s up to you to choose which one you are most comfortable for you to use.

The main differences

In this article we will be discussing:

  • Is there any difference in potency and quality?
  • Is there any difference in intake methods?
  • Is there any difference in absorption time and dosage?
  • Alternative ways to use crushed leaves. What happens when you change your mind?

The potency and quality of the two normally do not differ so much; that is if you have a reliable and trustworthy kratom vendor that you know will deliver you the quality product, so be sure to look for one (if you don’t have one already). The potency has a slight difference due to the fact that when turning the crushed leaf into powder the bigger molecules of the alkaloids Maeng Da contains are lost or destroyed.

Intake methods are very different. You cannot smoke powder or consume crushed leaf in an encapsulated form, so the intake methods are the next:

For crushed leaf:

  • Smoking
  • Tea making

For powder:

  • Eating with a spoon or in a capsule
  • Preparing various mixtures, tinctures and resigns

The absorption time really depends on the ways you use it, so if you smoke it or eat it it will be absorbed faster to your bloodstream (also tinctures are highly potent and get absorbed very fast); if you make tea it will take its time to get absorbed.

The doses are the same for both crushed leaf and powder, as the difference between them is not so big: from 2 up to 17gr.

If you change your mind about crushed leaf you can always convert the leaf into powder by crushing it even more, so you don’t have to worry about that.

In conclusion, as mentioned above, the difference is not so big, so it is really up to you.

White Bali Kratom is Unique and Distinctive

White Bali Kratom has a remarkable mix of agony alleviating impacts and temperament improvement. If your searching for a blend of these impacts, this may be the ideal kratom strain for you! Exceptionally mainstream kratom strains – white, red, or green. As indicated by numerous discussions, on the likelihood that you are a first-time kratom client, this is extraordinary compared to other strains. Impacts of Kratom will rely upon the shade of the type. This specific strain developed in Indonesia Bali. Our nearby ranchers choose the most developed leaves from chosen trees to ensure the supremacy is exact. Numerous individuals new to kratom have inquiries concerning the impacts of various strains. We firmly suggest that you continue when endeavoring to discover the measurement that works for you. With kratom, toning it down would be ideal. You will spare cash, stay away from physical reliance and appreciate kratom increasingly on the off chance that you take a precisely directed dosage. Remember that components like body weight, time since last supper and resistance to different opioids will factor into how high a measurement you require. Those endeavoring to treat sedative dependence will need a significantly bigger dosage.

For the individuals who are intrigued, this strain has a couple of remarkable properties that distinguish it from numerous different strains. The first trademark found in all Bali composes is that the leaves are drastically darker than many different strains. While drying, this turns out to be considerably more apparent, as the chlorophyll which at first gave the plant it’s dark green shading, tends to turn darker. These are mainly the case with the red vein assortments that still have some vein content. Another unique property of Bali strain trees is their development rate. In contrast with numerous different strains, Bali develops rapidly. While white vein Bali kratom is typically the slightest in impacts, it can be a stunning strain if designed expertly, as it combines a portion of the relief from discomfort and unwinding potential with a level of composed vitality. Like other white veins, it can be elusive a sizeable white Bali, yet when you do you will love the exertion spent.

With a goal to get the most out of this assortment of kratom, it is fundamental to get the measurements right. These will help potentiate the impacts with no reactions. While there are general measurements rules for Bali, it can unquestionably differ contingent upon the individual, empty or stomach acidity and a full stomach. For unbridled vitality that will keep you moving for your whole bustling day, swing to White Bali Kratom Capsules. Be set up for a sharpening of focus when you attempt this fantastic strain.

Effects of the Maeng Da Kratom

The maeng da is yet another strain of kratom that is raving the market. It is another potent strain of kratom that produces a very effective result. So if you’re feeling weak in the morning and you’re trying to find a way to waken the spirit, rather than use coffee that is filled with caffeine, why not use the maeng da kratom, for effective and healthy rejuvenation.

A cup of this tea, last you for hours, keeping you rejuvenated, from 9am-5pm, at maximum efficiency, and top speed.

The maeng da also referred to as the ‘Rockstar hippo’ or ‘Happy hippo’, gives so much energy to the hard working folks, who are looking for alternative to coffee. It is definitely a fast strain of kratom that works almost immediately and it is very effective too.

The effects of the maeng da are numerous and you can feel the effects after about 10-15 mins of taking the kratom.

It is one of the most potent kratom on the market, and it has received a lot of sales from kratom lovers, as customers are beginning to appreciate its effects.

So here are some of the effects of the white maeng da kratom

Nootropic effects

One of the major effects of the maeng da kratom, is its nootropic effects. What this means is that, the kratom gives its uses the ability of cognition. Meaning, its users are more concentrated and focused. With such level of concentration, the users of the maeng da kratom can effective carry on their daily tasks, with so much speed and precision.

The reason for this effect is the alkaloid present in this strain of kratom. Alkaloids are themselves receptors, and they can activate the neuronal activities which helps to formulate thought and ideas rather effectively.

Stimulant Effects

Other than the fact that this strain of kratom activates the neurons in for effective cognition, the kratom also activates the body, by stimulating and providing energy for the body for it to be able to carry on some tasks. What happens is that, the tea makes the body produce a higher level of energy, which if used correctly will lead to a productive day.

You will begin to feel the effects of the maeng da, almost immediately, and you can begin to work actively when you take a cup of this maeng da tea. Unlike coffee, the maeng da kratom has the exact amount of caffeine needed for the day’s work, provided you don’t overdose on the dosage of the tea. 

Euphoria Inducement and Mood Enhancement

The maeng da kratom tea also induces some level of euphoria and relaxation in the minds and body of its users. It also enhances the mood of its users from depressed and blue state, to a more elevated and euphoric state. It produces peace of mind.]

Analgesic Effects

Maybe you might be experiencing some pain in your body, a cup (the proper dose) of the maeng da tea also helps to reduce the pain, by serving as pain killers.

Effects of overdosing

  1. The first effects of overdosing is addiction. Users who overdose on the maeng da tea, tend to form some sort of addiction to the tea, because of the euphoric effects it produces.
  2. Loss of control over the body can be very scary. This loss of control happens when one overdoses on the maeng da tea.
  3. Overdosing on this kratom may lead to chronic coma, which may last for day.


The maeng da tea is a really potent kratom and should be taken according to the prescribed dosage, despite its effects. Overdosing may cause some serious damage to the body, so it will be prudent to avoid this kind of damage by sticking to the prescribed dosage.

The best Kratom Vendors in the Market

With the demand for Kratom rising, vendors are popping left up everywhere hence making it hard to find a reliable vendor, especially for first-timers. If you are to spend your hard earned cash on Kratom, it’s apparent that you want to spend it on a high-quality product that will give you the desired effect. With that in mind, you should know that the best Kratom vendors are not always the cheapest.

While there are cheap vendors, the cheaper the product, the more likely that it may not be the high-quality Kratom you need. Although you may get the effect from the cheap Kratom, the effects may not last long and cannot be compared to the effects elicited by the high-quality Kratom. Trying out different vendors is not the most fun activity to do, and that is why this article will likely make your day. This article compiles a list of some of the reputable, reliable and high rated vendors in the market today.

Top 3 Vendors to go to for Quality Kratom


Located in Florida, this Kratom vendor is the best there is. If you want authentic Kratom without any additives, well dried and sure to give you the best effects, then PurKratom is the place to go. The vendor sells capsules and powder Kratom at fair prices. With Florida being pro-Kratom, it means the vendor can import native strains to enhance the quality of the product. And there is more! The vendor offers its customers a return policy hence this is the most favourable buying process in Florida. The company provides its customer with login credentials to make it easy for them to navigate their website thus enhancing the purchase process.

Coastline Kratom

If you want a Kratom vendor who offers a wide variety of high-quality strains, then head to Coastline Kratom. Apart from providing frees shipping services in the U.S, the company also offers a money back guarantee. The company has been around for two years and has created a name for itself in the Kratom community. To Coastline Kratom, quality matters the most. It’s the passion and attention the company gives to the product that makes it stand out in so many ways from other vendors. It gets better! Apart from powder, the company also offers live plants for special requests.

This vendor is the best for beginners looking to have the best first-time experience. The company sells Kratom in powder and capsule forms. For beginners, capsules are the best way to start since it will help them track their dosages. You have to admit, while buying powder Kratom is cheaper compared to buying pre-capsuled ones, capping your own Kratom can be a tedious activity, and that is not a fun activity for a beginner.

The best thing about the vendor is their interactive social media and website where customers can navigate through the products until they find what they like. The interactive social media platform makes it easy for customers to ask questions about areas they are not sure about and get responses from other customers and the vendor. The vendor also offers flexible payment methods like PayPal, credit cards and bitcoins. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about shipping; the vendor will have the Kratom where you are in no time, for free.

In most cases, online vendors are better to go to than brick and mortar. One of the sign to look out for to know a reliable or legit seller is one who is ready to sell in bulk. Also, when you are selecting a vendor, go for the one who gives more details about the product they are selling. You do not want to buy something from someone who has no idea about what they are selling.

Potency Of Kratom Mixed Maeng Da Strains

Kratom Mixed Maeng Da Strains

Maeng Da Kratom from is a tremendous strain available in different variety of vein color and is famous for its impressively powerful, potent and efficient of characters and properties.

  • Maeng Da works great for both the pain relief and stimulation and best choice for those users who need pain-killing effects with the strength to increase motivation, energy, and stamina.
  • Mixed Maeng Da is a combination of three different Kratom strains including Red, White, and Green Maeng Da and makes a premium product with the most significant strains of Kratom under one tag offering euphoria, energy, and stimulation effects at a time.
  • All of the three vein color types produce the unique collection of effects due to the deviation in their specific Alkaloid profiles as each variety is grown in specific ecological condition and then established particular properties and characteristics, independently.

You must understand the effects, right dosage and benefits of Mixed Maeng Da as it mutually regulates the nature of therapeutic effect and the level of potency.

White Vein Component:

  • It creates painkilling effects. Consequently, it is consumed to overcome the chronic pain. Mixed Maeng Da is best to treat a chronic backache, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and even cancer.
  • The right dosage will increase physical as well as mental keenness and helps in fighting depressive states and decreasing alleviating pressure.
  • You may feel sedation, numbness thus discharging anxiety and discomfort and helps in elevating mood and produce recreational effects.
  • White Maeng Da has the nootropic effect which is thought in the mixed product. It increases the mental tasks permitting one to better concentrate on the sophisticated centers of the mind drive powerfully due to neurostimulation.

Red Vein Component:

  • The red Maeng Da component provides specific properties in the combination. So, mixed Maeng Da is freely consumed to cure disorders that contain chronic pain.
  • The consumption rises the flowing of endorphins, enkephalins, and serotonin which acts as the potent painkiller in the painlessness system of the body.
  • Usage leads to increase enthusiasm, confidence level, and energetic effects. It also creates stimulation.
  • Red Maeng Da also delivers the anti-depressant effects to get relief from stress.
  • With the consumption of the mixed product, you will boost your energy level, and anxiolytic facts will help you to fight against anxiety disorders.

The red vein offers powerful sedation with dynamic effects of relieving stress, pain, and anxiety because it has the high-level absorption of 7-Hydroxmitragynine alkaloids which is less in other types.

One of the best qualities of this component in contrast to both white and green that it is approachable with most of its potential users regardless of the standard alterations of receptiveness present in every specific type depends upon the different levels of brain chemistry.

Green Vein Component:

  • Green Maeng Da is one of the fastest strain, and the ingesting of Mixed Maeng Da holding green strain permits you to be energetic and feel more optimistic and confident.
  • The energy is perceptible, and you will feel it in your veins but doesn’t make you feel over hyperventilated or stimulated.
  • The energetic feelings will help you to do your task efficiently.
  • Your anxiety level will drop to zero if consumed in a proper dose.

Effects Of Maeng Da Kratom:

Maeng Da is the stronger strain than other types of Kratom and shows numerous results. The dosage determines the nature of the impact.

A small dose will result in stimulating properties and keep you alert, active and attentive plus increase the focusing capabilities.

It works wonderfully to discharge all types of chronic pains when used in the more massive dose.

Positive Effects:

  • Relaxation
  • Comforting condition
  • Enhances the brain functioning
  • Boosts a positive mental drive
  • Logical stimulant
  • Painkiller
  • Focus and concentration
  • Cognitive booster
  • Contributes to psychological energy
  • Healthy sleep
  • Fight against Sleep disorders like
  • Cure insomnia
  • Euphoric feels
  • Elevate the fun factor
  • Contentment
  • Treat stress
  • Suppress anxiety
  • Opioids withdrawal treatment

With the mixed strains, one remarkable product is formed which is best for energy, analgesia, and stimulation. Everything is mixed you do not need to take the dose individually at intervals.

Duration Of Effects:

  • Dosage consumption solely depends upon how long the effects last as it may take up to 2 hours upon consuming a small dose and at higher doses, the results can prolong up to 8 hours.
  • Time factor can also improve the results. If you consume it on an empty stomach, it will give you fast and better results.
  • In contrast, the overall efficacy can reduce and cause a delay to start of effects if you take it right after a heavy meal.

Measure the right amount:

It is essential to take the calculated dose to get the desired results. If you use too little quantity, it may fail to deliver the needed effects while an overdose can cause adverse effect ad symptoms. For that reason, always check the amount correctly and control the quantities.

There are many techniques to measure the dose such as;

  • Use a proper scale or measurement tool
  • Measure with a digital scale up to two decimal places
  • Calculate the quantity using measuring gage printed spoon.

New users should always start with a minimum possible dose. It will help the beginners for adapting their body to the drug effects. The amount must slowly rise to an average level.

Maeng Da Kratom Powder Effects & Dose


One of the most popular types and the most delicate forms plus most effective strains of Kratom is Maeng Da. It delivers both pain relief and stimulation in one strain which very limited other variations of Kratom offer. Maeng Da is the heritably caused derivative of the Thai Kratom tree which has darker color as compared to the other Kratoms leaves and when powdered or crushed goes into a green shade.

  • Many types deliver several energetic results and effectiveness and potency. Choose the best option for Kratom product for firm pain control and slight tranquilizing kind.
  • This Kratom strain is for you if you are playing a part in events that need a lot of concentration, energy, and focus. Moreover, it’s an exceptional technique to get ready for the exercise room or other tough exercises.
  • Its leaves contain more of mitraphylline, seven hydroxymitragynine, mitragynine and active components as compared to the other strains.


  • Maeng Da is one of the stronger Kratom as compared to the others which show stimulating effects when used in small-sized dosage and makes you feel more attentive, alert, active and awake.
  • Being a rational strain, it often uses as psychological enhancers. After consumption, you can focus and concentrate more and better.
  • It helps you to increase productivity by enhancing brain power.
  • You will experience less fatigue on workouts that stress you mentally working and studying.

This strain boosts the mental power and provides beneficial effects such as:

  • Enhanced memory and
  • Boost psychological function
  • Mood enhancer
  • Experience Lesser fatigue
  • Ability to concentrate
  • euphoric feeling
  • Increased stamina
  • Anti-stress
  • Increased enthusiasm


It also has significant implications such as;

  • Mood enhancer
  • Contentment
  • Euphoria
  • Optimistic mental condition
  • Anti-depressant
  • Elevates the enjoyment
  • Energetic feelings
  • Enthusiasm

You may also take it to boost your psychological drive with a powerful combination of energy and mood-boosting effects. It is a very feasible option for enhancing the strength to start your day and set focus to face challenges for the rest of the day.

It holds more active alkaloids and flavonoids than the other strains.


  • This substance produces desired effects including mood-boosting effects to stimulation plus some unique no-tropic properties, mostly about mental impacts that improve cognitive skills.

Motivation And Attentiveness:

  • It also helps in getting focus and concentration, and you can psychologically manage more information with less energy.

Lift Energy:

  • It will boost your efficiency during tough exercises due to its tiredness blasting and stimulating properties
  • Some users report that if you take some of the compounds in the morning, it will keep you clear-headed hence help you working on the problematic projects or in studying for tough exams and you will remain active throughout the entire day.
  • Conversely, it is a perfect method to increase your mood.


  • It provides stimulating effects when used in small to medium dose and makes you more focused on your work.

Sedative Nature:

  • Maeng Da is also famous for its sedative properties that provide a more relaxing feeling by managing pain. With its high effectiveness, people use this herb strain as a pain reliever.
  • It is also a very active mood enhancer.

Finally, though its sedating value is not as expedient as the Red Vein strains, it effects are still powerful and potent. Due to its exceptional ancestries and alkaloid mixture, it creates and stimulation and pain relieving effects.

Side Effects:

Though Maeng Da has the high potency which delivers the numerous benefits, there are some side effects too.

  • On massive amount consumption, it can produce intense pleasure and euphoria which can lead towards faintness and lack of mental precision.

Other side effects of the drug you might feel are;

  • Nausea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Sleeplessness
  • Lethargy
  • Respiratory depression

Always start with a small dose to get used to its effects. You must record any side effects that you experience on consumption.

If you are looking for both stimulation and pain-killing ability, Maeng Da is the right choice, and you can have the utmost of both effects with this drug.

Right Dosage:

  • Your consumption of Maeng Da should be smaller than its counterparts to feel its effectiveness because it is known to be the most active type of Kratom because of the high concentration active alkaloids.
  • For instance, if the suggested quantity for White Indo Kratom or Red Vein Bali is 5 grams, you should take 4 grams or less of Maeng Da dose to attain its complete effects plus due to its increased potency, it can stay longer in your body system.

The starting dose must be less or 2 grams.  If you take the high dosage, you may start feeling the sedative effects. Overconsumption may result in causing the stated side effects, so it is best to follow the guided dosage.